Cristall Harper

Harper's paintings are influenced by the colorful stained glass she admired as a youngster. She learned from the facets' placements how shapes could look realistic. One critic said of her work: "Your style is wonderful. Your personal version of abstraction is so beautifully rooted in reality." She paints either alla prima (all at once, wet oil paint on wet oil paint) or she builds up transparent acrylic layers finished with oil paints. 

Her dog paintings are a consistent favorite with collectors. Harper had a yellow lab named Buttercup who passed away in 2016 that epitomized loyalty and friendship. Harper started painting Buttercup as a pup and these pieces inspired a whole new dimension of her career. She loves painting these furry angels of comfort and joy.

Cristall Harper graduated in 2002 from Brigham Young University with a BFA in Painting. Her studio is in American Fork, Utah where she lives with her husband, new yellow lab puppy and  four rascally chickens. Her work is collected and enjoyed nationally.

330 West Main Street 
Fredericksburg, Texas  78624     '