Wanda Choate


Wanda Choate is a Classical Oil Painter and Art Instructor in Springfield, Tennessee.


"Coming out to the studio every morning about 6 is a ritual and a joy; a privilege I'm so deeply grateful for... 


...to come back to a painting I left last night, flow uninterrupted...


I am addicted to creativity, to beauty in many forms.  I am endlessly entertained with road trips, fascinated with rural country life.  The horses and cattle and hay  and creeks and ponds, the most beautiful country county in the world,  Robertson County.


I am also endlessly drawn to beautiful dark spaces, kimonos, mystery like Rembrandt, Wyeth and Alex Kanevsky.


I teach now, drawing, it helps keep me honest, has given me strength and confidence.  I've rediscovered respect and love for the beauty brought with a simple pencil and a scrap of paper. 


Let me be a painter was the prayer, and the answer was magic and adventure and spending the rest of my days in a quest for beauty."

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